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“Save Me O Lord”


But it was I that he called “My Love”

Why O why did I leave my first love;

Is my flesh truly that strong?


Shall my flesh or spirit win

The battle within?

How shall I tame the demon

I was born into?


Oh Lord, save me form my inequities

Save me form the demon that

Is gripping my soul.


For your life is my life

Into your hands I commit my spirit;

Redeem me, O Lord God of truth.


I have fallen, and I beg you

To save me, I have sinned

Against you; forgive me O Lord God!


 Take away the sin, guilt, pain and

Suffering, take it far from my eyes

Let me see it no more!


I will serve you for the rest

Of my life; I will give you praise

Whether for better or worse.


Everything I make, do and say

Will always be for your

Glory, Lord God.


© Rachel Ostrander (1/31/06)

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