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'Jesusí Love Note


The sound of your voice is like

The warm gentle breeze, brushing

Across my face, in the late summer night.


Your smile is then-thousand times

Then-thousand more beautiful then a

Summerís sunset on the Hawaiian Islands.


The way you move is more graceful

Than a dancing gazelle running from

The fierce lion of Africa.

My love for you is greater than

The mighty hurricane; that

Destroys everything in its path.

My love is so strong that I strike

Your enemies down with fear.

When you cry, I wipe away your tears.


I gave my very life, just so we

Can spend eternity with each other.

My Love, I have longed to be with you!


I long to be together forever,

I want to kiss your lips with

The revelation and understanding.


My Love, My Love! You are

The most gentle, beautiful,

Graceful one I long for.


~ Forever always Jesus


© Rachel Ostrander (7/4/06)




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